Former Business Manager to the founding CEO of Telefonica Alpha, Europe’s first moonshot factory created by Telefonica to address some of the world’s biggest and most intractable challenges, by conceiving and delivering radical solutions and breakthrough technology.

Andrea is a broad generalist with a passion for creative problem solving, building high performing teams & setting up agile processes. Andrea holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting, a Postgraduate diploma in Marketing and is a proud facilitator of Oxford Leadership’s Self Managing Leadership programme at the Telefonica corporate university.

Born and raised in Transylvania in a multilingual family, Andrea is fluent in 5 languages; she lives in the Barcelona metropolitan area since 2005. Andrea writes and talks about a variety of topics she has formal training and/or practical experience in, such as: innovation, digital marketing, agile methodologies, design thinking, corporate culture, change management, and self-leadership.

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